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AAB hits record number of deals in 2019


Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (AAB), one of the leading independent firms of chartered accountants and business advisors in the UK, is delighted to announce the successful completion of a record 70 transactions during 2019, with a combined total deal value exceeding £500 million.


OPINION: People are not your biggest asset


We’ve all heard it a thousand times, ‘our people are our biggest asset’.  I don’t buy it.  I appreciate I’m perhaps failing to acknowledge the spirit of this statement, but to explain further – I don’t buy the idea that just having ‘good people’ (whatever that means) is enough to drive success.   Let’s also have a think about that notion of ‘good people’ – do we mean competent people, entertaining people, nice people, generous people, motivated people or just people who have previously worked for a business that competes with our own…?


Opinion: Integrating integrity in an aging environment


As operators and duty holders battle to reduce production costs in a mature basin with aging assets, increased focus must be placed on the cost effective safety and integrity management of these declining production profile assets . A challenge indeed!


Opinion: Manufacturing oil not inventing it


As the North Sea industry grapples with its cost base, has it done enough to ensure its place at the table to attract investment in order to realise the enormous potential left in the basin?

Oil & Gas

Caza Oil & Gas secures extension on financing deal


Caza Oil & Gas has secured a further extension on its financing arrangement with Apollo Investment Corporation. The company entered into a Note Purchase Agreement two years ago when Apollo agreed to purchase up to $50million of it senior secured notes. In September it was revealed the balance of the Note Purchase Agreement remained at $45million and although expected to comply with certain financial requirements, Caza was found to not be in full compliance.