EV Insights: Unions battle for the North Sea


This week union bosses said North Sea workers were “disenfranchised and getting angrier by the day”. At pay cuts and redundancies continue to dominate headlines, Energy Voice looks back at how the dialogue between employers and the unions has played out in the past year.

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Flight data recorder recovered from Nigeria helicopter crash


Nigeria’s Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) has recovered the flight data recorder from a helicopter which crashed on the way from an oil platform. The incident earlier this month left six people dead and others injured after the Sikorsky 76 Bristow helicopter crashed into a lagoon. The aircraft had been carrying 10 passengers and 2 crew when the incident happened.


Six workers killed after helicopter crash in Nigeria from oil platform


A helicopter carrying at least 12 people from an oil platform has crashed into a lagoon killing at least four people, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCCA) said. The helicopter, which was operated by offshore energy transportation specialists Bristow Group had been flying from a rig when the incident happened shortly before it was due to land. Officials in the country said a rescue operations was continuing.


Energy Jobs Taskforce: Industry will endure


Scotland’s oil and gas industry has a vibrant future. Yes, there’s a sharp reduction in investment, in jobs and in projects but the strength of skills and experience built up over the decades will sustain the industry and ensure it remains a significant contributor to the Scottish economy for decades to come. It’s now six months since the First Minister announced the creation of an Energy Jobs Taskforce to help support Scotland’s oil and gas sector through the current challenging period.

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Helicopter returns to base after warning light comes on


A helicopter has declared an emergency off the north coast of Scotland. The Bristow EC225 airbus helicopter was flying from Aberdeen Airport for work in the oil and gas industry. It is believed that a warning light came on forcing the aircraft to turn back to Aberdeen. A coastguard spokeswoman confirmed they had been called as a precaution but later told not to attend.

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Helicopter firm’s profits take off

New contracts for the oil and gas industry and also search and rescue (SAR) operations helped spur on Bristow Helicopters to a massive increase in profits. Pre-tax profits of £91million in the 12 months to March 31, 2014, were up from £6.35million a year earlier. Turnover rocketed by 26% to £318.19million in the latest period, from £252.52million previously. A spokeswoman for the firm said a number of factors drove the rise in profits.