Burness Paull


The trials and tribulations of transition


The energy transition discussion is the dominant topic for the sector. It’s a multi-layered debate that encompasses macro and micro issues and will have an increasing impact upon our lives and our businesses in the UK.


We need to look ahead


As many prepare to head across to Houston for 50 years of OTC, it’s worth noting that, while there will be a Golden Anniversary Gala Dinner to mark that milestone, the opening session of the conference is about the next 50 years for our industry.


Scottish ports on the crest of a wave


You may be relieved to know that this is not an article about Brexit. However, every cloud has a silver lining - because the last six months of Brexit-related debate have in fact seen the UK’s ports sector attract an unusual amount of political, and therefore public, attention.

North Sea

Industry makes slick recovery


Well, how do you sum up a year like 2018? There’s certainly been no shortage of talking points, that’s for sure.


Offshore Northern Seas 2018 is truly the time to innovate


Norway is hosting ONS, its oil exhibition, conference and festival, in Stavanger from August 27 to 30. It’s a short trip there from Aberdeen and, with more than 65,000 visitors last time round, one that will be made by many from the oil industry here.


Burness Paull: Safety case for newbies …


July 6, 2018, marks 30 years since 167 people died in the largest offshore disaster, Piper Alpha. It was described by Lord Cullen who chaired the Piper Alpha inquiry as “the worst possible imaginable thing”.


What the frack? When is a ban a ban?


It appears I spoke too soon in my October 2017 blog on the announcement by the Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy that the Scottish Government’s moratorium on unconventional oil and gas development (“UOGD”) (usually referred to as ‘fracking’) which was imposed in 2015 would be extended into a permanent ban.