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North Sea

Speak up in support of North Sea, McCaig tells Scots Tories

Aberdeen MP Callum McCaig will today urge the Scottish Tories to reach out to their Westminster colleagues to ensure incentives for encouraging North Sea exploration are brought forward in the Autumn Statement. The SNP energy spokesman accused Ruth Davidson and her MSPs of staying "silent" on the issue.


Callum McCaig: Osborne it’s time you repay the industry that paid you

Scotland’s oil and gas industry has generated well over £300billion for Treasury coffers and it employs more than 375,000 people from across the UK. It is an important industry for the north-east of Scotland and the national economy, and one that has benefited UK government expenditure for very many years.


Opinion: The PM made a mockery of the anxiety so many workers face

Prime Ministers Questions this week may have been one of the most frustrating sessions ever witnessed by myself and others with ties to the North Sea oil and gas industry. Even when questioned and criticised by MPs in his own party, the Prime Minister has shown a complete disdain and disrespect for an industry which has been politely and urgently asking for his help and the assistance of his government, in coalition or otherwise, for well over a year now.

Other News

MP queries carbon capture claims

Aberdeen South MP Callum McCaig has asked for clarification over a claim by the prime minister that carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology “isn’t working”. Speaking in the Commons chamber yesterday, the SNP’s energy spokesman at Westminster raised the issue of the shock decision to axe a £1billion competition for development money. He suggested that the prime minister and his energy secretary were contradicting each other on the subject.