Carbon capture and storage


Electrolysis may soon compete with CCS

I read with interest Luke Warren’s (CEO Carbon Capture and Storage Association) article criticising my previous Energy Voice piece where it was stated ‘but Tom misses the essential point about the very nature of CCUS technology when he says we should “bypass CCUS” in order to decarbonise our economy and stimulate investment in hydrogen’.

Other News

UK Government urged to fund carbon capture

Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham has urged the UK Government to fund carbon capture and storage facilities as she called for a “shared national endeavour” to tackle climate change.


Opinion: How to burn more oil and gas but slash emissions? Offshore power stations

While the energy in fossil fuels is valuable for society, burning them has well documented environmental consequences – global warming, smog and the effects of nitrous and sulphur oxides. Many think the time has come to stop burning them almost entirely. This led to the Guardian launching a campaign a couple of years ago to “keep it in the ground”, which attracted much support.