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Let’s leave North Sea ‘small pools’ in the ground

I was recently reminded of a new year’s resolution that I made some years ago - one which I’m successfully keeping to this day. Back then, I committed to making the transition towards a greener, more sustainable personal lifestyle. But here’s the clever bit: I figured it would also be OK to carry on pretty much as before with all my current behaviours. So, no really big changes required and certainly no tough decisions to make. Now, maybe it’s just me, but expecting the oil industry to get right behind the energy transition whilst sticking with MER does feel kind of similar.


Carbon storage is an imperative of climate action

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) seems to be everywhere at moment – in just the last week, two major reports have come out calling on governments in the UK to act on its delivery.  Over the last year, report after report has emphasised the necessity of CCS in tackling climate change, and the urgency of deploying it in industrial clusters around the UK.


Shell carbon-capture plant hits 4m tonne milestone early

A Royal Dutch Shell Plc-operated carbon capture and storage project in Canada has hit a milestone of sequestering 4 million tons of carbon dioxide about six months ahead of schedule and at a lower cost than estimated, helped by better-than-expected reliability.