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Drax pulls out of carbon capture scheme


Drax power company has announced it is pulling out of a major scheme to develop technology to store carbon emissions, amid concerns over Government green policy changes. The firm said it would complete the feasibility study on a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project to catch up to 90% of emissions from a power station and store them permanently under the North Sea, but would not invest any further in the “White Rose” scheme. Drax blamed the “drastically different financial and regulatory environment“ which has seen the wholesale price of electricity drop and moves by the Government to rein back support for low carbon technology.

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ETI in partnership bid for carbon capture study


The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is seeking partners for a project to study the impact of removing brine from under-sea stores which could be used to house captured carbon. The project will produce a cost-benefit analysis of brine production, using the CO2Stored database and models developed in the ETI’s UK Storage appraisal project as a starting point. Analysis will cover both saline aquifers and oil and gas reservoirs.

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UK strikes carbon deal with Canada


The UK government has signed an agreement with Canada to work together on research and knowledge sharing for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Both countries released a joint statement which identifies how they plan to work together and build on the work they have already undertaken. The use of CCS is viewed as one of the most cost effective technologies for decarbonisation of the UK’s power.