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Nobel Peace Laureates: Save the Arctic, Save the Climate

In a powerful call for international action on climate change, a group of Nobel Peace Prize laureates recently sent a letter to the Heads of State who comprise the Arctic Council, urging them to protect our climate and the Arctic from oil and gas exploration.

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Oil has a reality check for those elated by the climate deal

For anyone elated by the climate-change accord in Paris, the commodity markets have a reality check for you. World leaders may have vowed to wean the world from fossil fuels, but prices for oil, coal and natural gas are at their lowest in years. Crude, which touched an 11-year low Monday, will probably decline even more with the US ending its 40-year ban on oil exports. So is that bad news for people hoping to switch the world to cleaner fuels?

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High ambition coalition calls for strong climate deal

A “high ambition coalition” of countries including the EU, some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable countries and the US, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Iceland and Norway has called for a strong climate deal, with Brazil the most recent country to join the group.

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Climate talks in France extended in bid to reach deal

High-stakes climate talks in France will not end today as planned but will last at least until Saturday, French foreign minister Laurent Fabius has announced. Diplomats and other top officials from more than 190 countries are trying to agree on the text of what would be an unprecedented deal for all countries to reduce man-made carbon emissions and co-operate to adapt to rising seas and increasingly extreme weather caused by human activity.

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COP 21: Ministers work through night in bid for deal

Ministers from around the world have worked through the night as the talks for a new deal on climate change enter their final days. Efforts are being made to break divisions on key issues in the agreement which aims to avoid dangerous climate change and provide finance for poor countries to deal with the impacts of global warming. A draft of the text for the agreement released on Wednesday contained the potential for ambitious targets on curbing rising global temperatures and cutting emissions over the coming decades, as well as weaker options, and a new text is expected later today.

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US backs strong deal on climate change

The United States is part of the “high ambition coalition” of countries calling for a strong deal on tackling climate change, US Secretary of State John Kerry has said.


Opinion: Climate change and energy supply – and why the world isn’t ending

Air travellers are used to captain’s warnings of the potential for turbulence – most are accustomed to considerable ups and downs, with crew and passengers remaining calm and arriving at their destination without the onset of panic. There are however times when one or two can’t take the rocky ride in their stride and scream, unsettling everyone. COP21, the Paris Climate Conference, is the result of considerable scientific research and debate, and a great deal of political posturing - some people are taking absolute positions, some people inducing panic and others even declaring the end is nigh.