Renewables/Energy Transition

Opinion: Land deals can be key to viable renewables sector


The UK Government’s decision to end wind farm subsidies, including closure of the Renewables Obligation to nearly all new generating capacity, has raised concerns across the nation’s renewable energy sector. New renewable generating stations will now be expected to seek support under the Contract for Difference (CFD) mechanism but this is only open to emerging technologies such as offshore wind. The more established means of renewable power generation including onshore wind, solar and biomass are currently excluded from CFD support.


CMS: Courting the old chestnuts


Notwithstanding a degree of stability during 2017, the “lower for longer” oil price continues to affect the industry, and while these pressures can be positive, forcing efficiencies and stimulating innovation, they also bring challenges, and at times disputes.


Opinion: Cycling approach could help transform North Sea sector


There may not appear to be an obvious link between the prospects for North Sea oil and gas and the recent successes of British Cycling. But the innovative thinking which delivered Olympic gold medals and Tour de France victories could also benefit the UK’s energy industry.