Virtual virus health checks more critical than ever


The oil and gas industry has been battered by a perfect hurricane of the three Cs: coronavirus, climate concern and a collapse in crude prices. But a fourth big C, a perennial threat to the health of the sector, lurks in the background and could cause even greater damage than usual in today’s fraught operating environment.


Covid-19: How can something so small be so big?


It is amazing how fast things have changed. It is only a few months ago that I made my new year resolutions for 2020. Beaming with optimism and positive energy, I set out ambitious targets to ensure 2020 would be a year to remember.


How we respond in a crisis defines us


None of us have been in a situation remotely like this before. The rules and the facts are changing daily and it can be overwhelming to try to keep up with developments.


Turning crisis into opportunity


The deep and fundamental impact Covid-19 is having on the global economy is unprecedented, however, the shared global conviction to recover will be fast, and we expect that businesses which can pick up where they left off when things are safe will do so quickly.