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Decom Offshore Conference & Exhibition – never a virtual event… until 2020

In common with some other industry events, we took the decision to keep Decom Offshore in the calendar. Despite the difficulties wrought by the global pandemic, decommissioning has been in the headlines a number of times over the past six months. Decommissioning of offshore assets is inevitable and seismic market shifts as we’ve all recently encountered serve as a catalyst for further conversation around the timing and approach.


EV Out Loud: Decom cash, a rig dash and a South African splash

Should the government stump up some of the cash it was going to pay out for decommissioning ahead of time, in order to get the ball rolling? Decom North Sea thinks so, although other opinions are available. At a time when the national debt is hitting record levels, and a number of sectors are calling for help, the government may not want to help out the oil and gas industry.