Roger Esson: Decom the new North Sea reality

Most of us are aware of the decommissioning projects that have made the headlines in recent months. To some, a ground-breaking event like the single lift removal of the Brent Delta topside might be sufficient reason alone to place decommissioning on the Offshore Europe agenda.


Opinion: All’s fair with decom plans but North Sea needs help now

Decommissioning seems to be the word on everyone’s lips in the oil and gas sector. Shell’s announcement of plans to remove facilities in the Brent field was closely followed by Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement of a £5 million Scottish Government fund to support decommissioning projects.


Promoted: OGA’s decomm programme in line with industry

In July, the Oil and Gas Authority launched its Decommissioning Strategy as a way of driving new ways of working across the oil and gas lifecycle. This week, the follow-up Delivery Programme was announced to explain how the Strategy’s objectives will be met moving forward.