Opinion: Decommissioning is a key focus of the SNP


Ensuring Scottish companies are given support from government to win contracts to decommission major oil and gas assets is an industry priority of the SNP, and a key focus of ours when we address what the sector needs now and in the near future.


Decommissioning: Winning not by chance, but by preparation


Since its inception in 2010, Decom North Sea has grown to more than 350 global members drawn from operators, major contractors, service specialists and technology developers, and plays a vital role in solution development and cross sector learning and is helping to build supply-chain capability.


OGUK 2016: The three certainties in life: Death, taxes and decommissioning


Benjamin Franklin said only two things were certain in life − death and taxes. But according to Stephen Halliday, group president of Wood Mackenzie, a third can be added – decommissioning. Mr Halliday said the UK can defer decommissioning for as long as possible, but “it is coming” and the North Sea will be the first basin “to the line”.