Dick Winchester


Will COP26 provide inspiration and trigger ambition?

The United Nations climate change conference which is to be held in Glasgow in November should be a source of inspiration and an opportunity for Scottish industry to showcase its Net Zero manufacturing supply chain.


Work harder for next generation on climate change

The Aberdeen-based Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) is setting up a unit called the Net Zero Solution Centre with the aim of “accelerating technologies and their deployment” and helping turn the UKCS into the world’s first net-zero carbon basin.


Climate change report slips up on technicalities

If you’ve read the report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) entitled “Net Zero: The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming” then I hope you’re both as impressed with it as I am, but also horrified.


Renewables imperative for subsea innovation

Back in the day – the late ’ 90s – a project called the Zero Surface Facilities Initiative was set up between a collection of operators and contractors known as the Atlantic Margin Joint Industry

Renewables/Energy Transition

Stop spinning over wind energy

When a politician, someone from a trade body or anyone else with a vested interest fails to tell the public the truth about how well an industry is actually doing, they are not only doing themselves a disservice, but are damaging the prospects of that industry.


Dick Winchester: Scotland’s wider economic and energy futures are intertwined

The recent announcement by the Scottish Government of their ideas for Scotland’s economic future certainly got my attention.   The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said in a speech just prior to the announcement that she believed that Scotland had to lead the “key technological and social changes of the future”.  Significantly, she added that she wants Scotland to be “the inventor and producer of the innovations that will shape the future, not just a consumer of those innovations”.


Opinion: You can fool all the people some of the time!

Our national broadcaster ran a headline recently that said “UK car manufacturing hits 10-year high in 2015”. Other outlets said similar things and one included some comment about the fact that Jaguar Land Rover was now outperforming Nissan.


Opinion: Westminster seems to be intent on killing off renewables – why?

I find it impossible to feel anything but raw anger towards the Westminster Conservative Government’s policy on renewables and energy policy in general. Here is a government stating on the one hand that the country has to support the “makers” and export more yet on the other effectively stamping out a globally important growth industry with huge potential. So far, Cameron & Co have scrapped or dramatically reduced support for onshore wind, solar, biomass, the Green Homes scheme, is selling the Green Investment Bank, has done away with the policy of building Zero Carbon Homes, reduced the incentive to move to lower emission vehicles and, of course, decided that the Climate Change Levy, which had been restricted to providers of non-renewable energy to businesses, will be imposed on renewable energy providers as well.