Record India diesel prices a pain for Modi as rupee tumbles


India’s growth monikers -- the world’s fastest-growing major economy and the fastest-growing oil user -- might make for good headlines, but when juxtaposed with the less-flattering description of its currency they pose a problem for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Asda, Tesco cut diesel price to six-year low


Supermarkets Asda and Tesco have cut the price of diesel to 97.7 pence per litre (ppl), its lowest level for over six years. But campaigners have called for even greater reductions amid tumbling oil prices.

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Asda cuts cost of diesel as oil prices fall


Asda has cut the price of diesel to 97.7 pence per litre (ppl) amid tumbling oil prices. The supermarket said the 2ppl reduction has taken diesel to its lowest price in over six years.

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Falling oil price ‘may make fuel costs cheaper than bottled water’


Fuel could become cheaper than bottled water if the price of oil continues to plummet, motoring experts have said. Oil prices have fallen by 30% since early December, with Brent crude sinking to 30 US dollars a barrel earlier this week. Many analysts are predicting it could tumble even further, with Standard Chartered warning that 10 US dollars a barrel is a possibility.

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Fuel retailers urged to cut diesel price to under £1 per litre


Fuel retailers have been urged to cut the price of diesel to under £1 per litre. Unleaded fell below that symbolic level at many supermarkets last week for the first time since 2009, excluding promotions. But diesel remains more expensive despite its wholesale price being around 3p per litre (ppl) cheaper than unleaded.


China offers refineries bonus to export surplus diesel


China's Sinopec is offering its subsidiary refineries big incentives to export their diesel fuel, sources said, in a rare move that reflects the top Asian refiner's deepening concerns about a growing domestic glut.

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Average price of petrol ‘cheaper than diesel’


The average price of petrol has returned to being cheaper than diesel, the RAC said. Two pence per litre was shaved off petrol prices at the pumps during last month, according to the RAC Fuel Watch report. Filling up a 55-litre family car is now £1 cheaper than at the start of September.