A digital reality for oil and gas

Good data analysis can have a direct impact on operational efficiencies and the potential reduction in operating costs as well as improved production and hydrocarbon recovery.


OPINION: Making tax digital

Harnessing the power of digital for business growth needs to be adopted across the whole of your business in order to grow. That holistic approach needs to start somewhere; could that starting point be your tax function?


Video: The four areas digital will transform

In a recent World Economic Forum report, Accenture estimated that the digital transformation in the oil and gas industry could unlock approximately $1.6 trillion of value for the industry and wider society over the next 10 years. Watch the video to discover the primary areas where digital trends merge to drive the most value.


R2S: Downturn spurs digital disruption

I have very much enjoyed a series of stories and quotes used in presentations and discussions in recent months, delivered to an audience today, for which there is as much relevance as when they were first written in the early 1970s.

Offshore Achievement Awards

Do digital technologies hold the key to a profitable North Sea future?

Attend any industry conference and signs that the wider oil, gas and chemicals industries are starting to embrace digitalisation will soon become apparent. The audience is moving from predominantly information technology (IT) personnel interested in the bits and bytes of data, to that of production engineers or management keen to know exactly and practically how digital can save the day.


Opinion: How digital can transform oil and gas supply chain and operations

The oil and gas supply chain may have gone through a challenging few years, but the industry is on the cusp of another period of substantial change – one we’ve already seen take hold in other sectors. Digital transformation is opening up huge opportunities to operators, service companies, and suppliers – but it’s a double-edged sword.