CMS: New models for old oil platforms?


Decommissioning is now a significant part of the landscape of activity in the UKCS – annual decommissioning expenditure has topped £1 billion since 2015 and may come close to £2bn when Oil and Gas UK reports its estimate for 2018 later this month.

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Energy revolution is gathering pace


An energy transition is under way on a scale and at a speed that is unprecedented, forced by the growing realisation that climate change is a serious and growing issue, though at what pace remains hotly debated, writes Jeremy Cresswell


Opinion: Farewell to a challenging 2017 but will 2018 bestow improving fortunes?


2017 has been a year of consolidation. We started the year with oil price hovering around $50.00pb, saw a dip just below $44.00pb in the summer and at the time of writing, we see the price of Brent Crude at $62.00pb. The average price of oil is expected to be $55.00 in 2017, $10.00 more than in 2016. Is it yet safe to say that there is an upward trend? Perhaps not, but together with cost savings it is, safe to say that the industry is more ‘fit for the future’.