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Oil price rally boosts electric car sales


Tesla's competition is about to get more crowded next year with many legacy automakers and luxury brands launching a record number of battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

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Chilling beer, grilling sausages with retired electric-car packs


The first batches of batteries from electric and hybrid vehicles are hitting retirement age, yet they aren’t bound for landfills. Instead, they’ll spend their golden years chilling beer at 7-Elevens in Japan, powering car-charging stations in California and storing energy for homes and grids in Europe.

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The ultimate guide to owning an electric car


Under plans to tackle air pollution, all sales of new petrol and diesel cars in the UK will cease by 2040. But with electric cars currently accounting for just 1% of new vehicle sales, there will need to be a big gear change in the way we purchase cars before we reach the target.


Fancy a Ferrari or an EV? EV adoption impact on oil demand


Electric vehicles are a fascinating subject and not a day goes by without Tesla or a major OEM touting their latest designs and the virtues of electrification of their light vehicle fleet. That excludes Marchionne, Ferrari’s CEO, who famously retorted that ‘you’ll have to shoot me first’ before the supercar brand develops a vehicle without the roaring sound of an internal combustion engine.