Oil & Gas

Export success down to urgency and passion

Aberdeen entrepreneurs need to show a sense of urgency and passion if they want to make exporting work for their companies, local businessmen said yesterday. Peter Moon, an account manager at oil and gas software firm Tracker, which has only been in the export market for a year, said he wished the firm had gotten in on the act earlier. Mr Moon, whose company is targeting Middle Eastern clients, said: “We’ve taken a target-driven approach to exporting. Exporting seems a long way off to some people. You can make a two to three year programme but if you think like that, then in two years you will still just be talking about exporting.

North Sea

Ewing urges operators to make more of “world beating” supply chain

Oil and gas companies can help secure a bright future for the north-east by making better use of its “world-beating” supply chain, Energy Minister Fergus Ewing said yesterday. Mr Ewing co-chairs the Oil and Gas Industry Leadership Group (ILG), which is targeting total sales from the domestic supply chain of £30billion by 2020, despite the oil price collapse. But he said operators were guilty of squandering talent which is right under their noses.

Oil & Gas

Ukraine’s PM calls for halt on Nord Stream II pipeline project

The Prime Minister of Ukraine has called for the European Union to block the Nord Steam II gas pipeline project, according to reports. The leader said it would hurt his country and also potentially provide Russia with more of a monopoly over gas supplies in the region.

Oil & Gas

Russia warns of recession amidst falling oil exports and sanctions

The Russian government has acknowledged that the country will fall into recession next year, battered by the combination of Western sanctions and a plunge in the price of its oil exports. The news caused the stock market to drop and pushed the ruble to a fresh record low against the dollar. The economic development ministry today revised its GDP forecast for 2015 from growth of 1.2% to a drop of 0.8%. Russian households are expected to take hit, with disposable income seen declining by 2.8% against the previously expected 0.4% growth.