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Tory MP claims Church of England should invest in fossil fuels

The Church of England should “put aside the Greenpeace manuals” and invest in fossil fuels, a Tory MP has said. Climate change sceptic David TC Davies (Monmouth) told Church commissioners to look at the Bible’s Parable of the Talents, which is about making wise investments.

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Amber Rudd: Climate action about economic security

Taking action on climate change is the “ultimate insurance policy” to protect UK families and businesses, Amber Rudd will say. In her first major speech on tackling global warming, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary will say measures to curb rising temperatures are about ensuring economic security. She will tell business leaders at an event in the City of London that unchecked climate change would have a profound economic impact, leading to lower growth, higher prices and a lower quality of life. And, after a series of announcements of cuts to green policies, she will insist that the Conservatives are committed to taking action on climate change, in ways that will keep bills down and encourage businesses to innovate, grow and create jobs.