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Amber Rudd: Climate action about economic security

Taking action on climate change is the “ultimate insurance policy” to protect UK families and businesses, Amber Rudd will say. In her first major speech on tackling global warming, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary will say measures to curb rising temperatures are about ensuring economic security. She will tell business leaders at an event in the City of London that unchecked climate change would have a profound economic impact, leading to lower growth, higher prices and a lower quality of life. And, after a series of announcements of cuts to green policies, she will insist that the Conservatives are committed to taking action on climate change, in ways that will keep bills down and encourage businesses to innovate, grow and create jobs.

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Edinburgh University steps to withdraw investments in fossil fuel producers

The University of Edinburgh is taking steps to withdraw its investments in fossil fuel producers, in response to pressure from student groups and activists. Students staged pickets and occupied a building after the university said two weeks ago it would only divest from companies that produce coal and tar sands if they are found not to be investing in technologies that address climate change. But yesterday the university said it is informing “three of the world’s biggest fossil fuel producers” of its intentions to divest from them within the next six months, giving them four weeks to respond.

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CNR in preliminary agreement with Halliburton for UK fossil fuel deposits

The investment company founded by oil pioneer Algy Cluff has come to a preliminary agreement with US oil giant Halliburton to work together on cultivating UK fossil fuel deposits. The deal moves Cluff Natural Resources (CNR) another step closer to developing the UK’s first offshore Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) project. The process of tapping un-mined coal reserves involves pumping oxygen and water through a borehole to turn the fossil fuel into synthetic gas, which can then be converted into hydrogen, methane, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.


Opinion: Energy subsidies – who is subsidising who?

It is worthwhile taking a moment to marvel at the built environment around you – houses, shops, offices, factories, hospitals, roads, railways, airports, cars, aeroplanes and so forth – and to then realise that virtually ALL of this was built using energy from fossil fuels – oil, natural gas and coal. At the same time fossil fuels provide virtually ALL of the energy that flows through our society, enabling economic activity and the creation of wealth. Fossil fuels are heavily taxed at every stage of their production and use. The economic activity they enable is taxed as well creating vast revenue streams that pay for education, defence, healthcare, welfare and pensions.

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Finding opportunity in the challenge

The world faces a major energy challenge. Global energy demand will double by 2050, driven by economic and population growth. At the same time, it will be necessary to curb emissions of greenhouse gases to avoid the environmental and economic damage of climate change. Business as usual is not an option.

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Premature renewables

SAUDI petroleum minister Ali al-Naimi has warned that a "premature shift" to renewable energy sources could jeopardise investment in the oil sector and significantly slow global economic recovery.