FWB Park Brown


D&I: Reasons to be Cheerful


As tonic for tumultuous times, erstwhile frontman of the band Talking Heads and renaissance man David Byrne launched a website and social media presence called Reasons to be Cheerful.

Middle East

Crew change in Gulf Cooperation Council


It is apparent that Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have initiated a “crew change” where experienced, long-term expat leaders are to be replaced by the next generation of ideally locally developed talent with the skills and experience to step into their shoes.

Other News

Aberdeen needs ‘foresight’ to adopt FinTech


Within central Scotland, financial technology, or FinTech, is seeing a surge of growth, with new enterprises launching, international firms moving to Scotland and established technology firms developing new FinTech products.


Positive about gender balance


When FWB Park Brown started more than 25 years ago, discussions about gender balance in the boardroom were not particularly commonplace in the oil and gas sector.