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Safety warning issued to helicopter operators


A safety warning has been issued to helicopter operators after a fault was discovered which could potentially endanger crews. The warning was issued on Wednesday by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), after a problem was found in rescue hoists. The fault was traced during a safety test on an Airbus Deutschland Helicopter MBB-BK 117 C-2.

Health & Safety

Search continues for pilots after helicopter crashes offshore India


A helicopter has crashed into the Arabian Sea shortly after take-off from an offshore installation owned by ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation). Two pilots are said to be missing after the helicopter,owned by India’s Pawan Hans,crashed. An Indian defence spokesman said debris has now been recovered including what appears to be the aircraft's door and some other debris.


Video: CHC leads the way with tablet technology in the North Sea


North Sea helicopter operator CHC is leading the way with innovative new technology offshore. The company has replaced paper documents to create an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). It combines pilot logs, flight procedures and other documents in the field onto one tablet device which pilots can use when flying to different North Sea destinations.

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Petrobras ends offshore helicopter tender


Petrobras has cancelled an ongoing tender for heavy and medium helicopters used in its offshore operations. Era Group said Aeroleo Taxi Aero, its Brazilian joint venture, had received notification after Petrobras has carried out a review of its aviation needs. It was concluded no additional contract was needed amid the challenges of the current marketplace.

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Flight data recorder recovered from Nigeria helicopter crash


Nigeria’s Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) has recovered the flight data recorder from a helicopter which crashed on the way from an oil platform. The incident earlier this month left six people dead and others injured after the Sikorsky 76 Bristow helicopter crashed into a lagoon. The aircraft had been carrying 10 passengers and 2 crew when the incident happened.


Six workers killed after helicopter crash in Nigeria from oil platform


A helicopter carrying at least 12 people from an oil platform has crashed into a lagoon killing at least four people, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCCA) said. The helicopter, which was operated by offshore energy transportation specialists Bristow Group had been flying from a rig when the incident happened shortly before it was due to land. Officials in the country said a rescue operations was continuing.

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Decision day looms for balloted union workers in OCA negotiations


A decision by union members over whether to accept an offer of proposals from the Offshore Contractors Association (OCA) will be made today. Both Unite and GMB workers will vote yes or no after months of talks between representatives from both sides. It comes after the GMB union wrote to members last month and urged them to accept a new offer from the OCA, which has 10 full members, including Petrofac, Wood Group PSN and Stork.

Oil & Gas

Operators to fund £60million search and rescue helicopter service for Central North Sea


North Sea oil and gas operators have committed to fund a new £60million search and rescue (SAR) helicopter service to help maintain safety standards. It will supplement national SAR cover for parts of the Central North Sea. Oil & Gas UK said Bond Offshore helicopters will operate the service, which was made possible by contributions from around 20 different companies involved in the sector. It coincides with the launch of a new UK-wide search and rescue service by the Department for Transport next month at the same time as decommissioning plans for BP Miller platform, where the Jigsaw helicopter has been based.

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CAA: ‘Significant’ improvements have been made to offshore helicopter safety


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said improvements have been made to offshore helicopter flights, but there is still more to be done. The body said many of the safety objectives it had set last year had already been met such as emergency breathing systems and cancelling flights in the most extreme sea conditions. It said the safety of those who travel in offshore helicopter flight is “paramount”.

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Helicopter firm’s profits take off


New contracts for the oil and gas industry and also search and rescue (SAR) operations helped spur on Bristow Helicopters to a massive increase in profits. Pre-tax profits of £91million in the 12 months to March 31, 2014, were up from £6.35million a year earlier. Turnover rocketed by 26% to £318.19million in the latest period, from £252.52million previously. A spokeswoman for the firm said a number of factors drove the rise in profits.

Health & Safety

More than 60,000 offshore workers to be measured in new safety strategy

More than 60,000 offshore workers are to have the span of their shoulders measured ahead of new regulations on body size coming into force in April. Industry group Step Change in Safety has revealed its measurement strategy for helicopter passengers travelling to and from offshore installations that will ensure all can escape from windows in the case of accidents. Workers whose shoulders measure greater than 22in will be classified as “extra broad” (XBR) and will be required to sit in a helicopter seat that’s closest window is compatible with their shoulder size.

Health & Safety

Industry safety group reveals measurement strategy for helicopter passengers


Industry group Step Change in Safety has revealed its measurement strategy for helicopter passengers travelling to and from offshore installations. The move comes after Step Change announced last year that passengers will be measured by the width of their shoulders for flights. Those whose shoulders measure greater than 22inches (55.9cm) will be classified as extra broad.

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Gallery: 2014 Industry milestones


As 2014 draws to a dramatic close for the industry, Energy Voice reflects on milestone events that fuelled a hectic year. In the first of a three part series we look back at some of the game changers within the industry. Later this week, we'll look at some of the highlights and defining moments in the months leading up to the Scottish referendum.

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Oil and gas firms may have to charter boats or bigger helicopters after EU ruling


Oil and gas firms may have to charter boats or hire bigger helicopters to accommodate overweight workers after the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided obese people can be classed as disabled. Businesses are being warned to expect widespread and expensive consequences after law chiefs in Luxembourg ruled that being overweight qualifies as a disability. The judgment follows the sacking of Karsten Kaltoft, a 25-stone childminder from Denmark.


EU rules obesity ‘is a disability’

The European Court of Justice has ruled obesity can constitute a disability. The EU’s highest court was asked to rule on the case of a male childminder in Denmark who said he was sacked for being too fat. Legal experts had warned that the move would offer crucial protection to offshore workers who fall foul of new helicopter safety legislation limiting the size of people travelling to North Sea platforms. The court said that if obesity could hinder “full and effective participation” at work then it could count as a disability.