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Trump claims he ‘created’ the Texas oil industry

President Donald Trump on Monday downplayed “phony polls” showing a tight presidential race in Texas, saying he’s way ahead because he “saved the oil industry,” and later adding, “I created it.”


Report: US hydraulic fracturing demand expected to bounce back

Demand for hydraulic fracturing services in shale plays across the United States is expected to reach rock bottom in May and stay low in the summer before a recovery begins in the fall, the Norwegian global energy research firm Rystad Energy reported.

Oil & Gas

Schlumberger posts $10.1 billion loss in 2019

Schlumberger, the largest oil-field service company in the world, lost $10.1 billion in 2019 as a result of hefty write-downs on two past acquisitions and weakening demand for hydraulic fracturing services in the United States and Canada.


SEC charges Energy XXI founder

The federal government charged Houston-based Energy XXI founder John Schiller on Monday with failing to disclose more than $10 million in personal loans and perks from corporate vendors and board members in exchange for contracts and appointments.