Shifting landscape of technology offers scope for support


As I reflect on my tenure at The Industry Technology Facilitator (ITF) following the merger with the Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), it gives me a chance to consider the shifting landscape of oil and gas technology development.

Training & Technology

Maximising subsurface recovery remains a key focus


As we move into 2018, it’s always worth reflecting on the previous 12 months. I was encouraged by the amount of positive activity at the end of last year with a steady increase in the oil price, new contract announcements and further field developments. As an industry, we certainly seem to be moving in the right direction and I hope to see similar activity in the months ahead.

North Sea

North Sea: Two years of Efficiency Task Force marked


Big changes have been taking place across the UK offshore oil and gas industry. Historically considered overly conservative and tied to old ways, it is now at the forefront of a new collaborative and efficient approach to working, which is gaining recognition across the world.

Training & Technology

Tech Tuesday: Composite pipe dream becomes reality


There’s no doubt the oil and gas industry is facing tough times, but for many developers, the downturn has been a catalyst for change with an upsurge of interest in new and enhancing technology. It seems the quest to drive down costs and increase efficiency is pushing a traditionally risk-averse industry out of their comfort zone.


Opinion: ITF – EOR, the industry’s second wind


The majority of daily oil production in today’s market comes from mature or maturing oil fields. New discoveries of reserves are not matching the pace set by the growing global demand for energy. This emphasises the requirement for new technologies that can enhance recovery from both active fields and future discoveries.


ITF leads collaboration into tropical cyclone forecasting in Australia


Global energy companies have joined forces to fund new research which aims to improve offshore safety in Northern Australia by researching tropical cyclone forecasting. ITF (The Industry Technology Facilitator) has led the collaboration to secure funding for the two-year $3.2million project. It will be carried out by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and includes companies such as Chevron, Shell and Woodside.

Oil & Gas

ITF Showcase 2015: Knowledge transfer and innovation is the way forward


Knowledge transfer and innovation is often seen as the way forward and PSL, as a spin out company of the University of St Andrews, exemplifies this route. We at PSL have developed a unique fibre lighting system offering an innovative technical solution to many sectors where safety of life is paramount. LIGHTPATH is a patented side-emitting flexible fibre that projects a continuous and flexible line of light that carries no electrical power. It combines second-generation, high-performance light emitting diodes (LED) with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours/five hours continuous operation. A unique coupling system for the optics to allow more light into the fibre, which is just 5mm in diameter, is used in combination with a new fibre quick release coupling system.

Oil & Gas

Technology Showcase 2015: Guest editor Dr Patrick O’Brien, of ITF on better imaging to improve oil and gas recovery


Great leaps have been made in the imaging of hydrocarbons over recent years and it should therefore remain a top priority for technology developers after being named as one of the SPE’s five ‘Grand Challenges’. Whilst exploration activity is being hindered by the low oil price and downturn, it would be dangerous to take an eye off the longer term. Investment in E&P programmes is still needed as well as in the technologies that can aid the discovery of new reserves and optimise recovery. Seismic data today is produced in massive volumes, with more and higher quality 3D and 4D data being processed each year. Advanced computing capabilities permit construction of more detailed inversion models from the collection of high-quality datasets.