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Best Opinion: Jeremy Cresswell – It’s not my job to be Mr Popular

We've rounded-up our best opinion pieces of the year. Jeremy Cresswell, Energy editor of our sister paper the Press & Journal, has an opinion that packs a punch. His take on the latest energy issues have become a monthly staple. From having a renewables go to calling out the big energy players, scroll our gallery and click 'read article' to read some of his best columns in full.


Opinion: Our bizarre ‘Walter Mitty’ Government

One day, it would be great to write something positive about the current UK government in the energy context. But so long as it carries on the way it is, that won’t happen. Last month, I laid into chancellor George Osborne for the nuclear deal cooked up with the Chinese. The sycophantic fawning that occurred during the state visit of Xi Jinping (“Xi Dada”, or Uncle Xi), with yet more major UK opportunities peddled in Beijing’s direction was nothing short of disgusting. Indeed, Osborne, with his haircut reminiscent of the BBC’s casting of “I Claudius” donkey’s years ago and which one is advised signifies power, has rather dominated the energy stage of late.


Jeremy Cresswell: “PwC comparisons just don’t wash”

I wasn’t going to write about the North Sea in this month’s eye. Rather, I was contemplating having a go at offshore wind, in large part because of the manner in which the UK’s unquestionably leading offshore presence in terms of turbines planted out there in UK territorial waters has been achieved.