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Calls for Saltire Prize to be scrapped after companies struggle to meet criteria

An ambitious £10million plan set up set up seven years ago to make Scotland a world leader in wind and tidal power should be scrapped, according to critics. The Saltire Prize, led by Gordon MP and former First Minister Alex Salmond, has come into difficulty after it was revealed none of the competitors would be able to meet the criteria for the 2017 deadline. According to reports in the Herald Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said the ambitious prize had become a “white elephant”.


Atlantis Resources boss anticipates sea change in energy mix

When Atlantis Resources finally completes its world beating tidal energy development in the North of Scotland, don’t expect exciting photo opportunities to mark the occasion - there’ll be nothing to see. Atlantis’ huge MeyGen project in the Pentland firth will be the world’s biggest tidal project: up to 269 turbines providing almost 400MW - enough electricity for 175,000 Scottish homes. But all that power and infrastructure won’t be visible from the nearby Caithness and Orkney shorelines because all the action takes place below the waves.