mergers and acquisitions


Tackling the information and systems challenges of acquisitions

Asset transfers can be complex from an information and technology perspective but can be the springboard for innovation, as well as delivering the expected productivity. The critical path is for the transfer of services agreement, safety case, readiness and transition of operations. This article highlights the types of transfer, the issues we face and Sword’s tried and tested approach to dealing with them.


Low-carbon deals fuel the energy M&A market

As governments and corporates set ambitious targets to decarbonise, investment in low-carbon technology is becoming increasingly attractive as a core investment strategy. “Low carbon” comprises technologies that enable the energy transition.


Managing decommissioning risk in M&A transactions

With $14 billion of commitments before 2024, according to Rystad, decommissioning costs have long been a risk to and blocker in transactions, especially portfolio and corporate deals. The sector has moved a long way since early stage bilateral decommissioning agreements as sellers sought to navigate Section 29 of the Energy Act 2008 and other commercial risks in pursuit of the “clean break”.