Renewables/Energy Transition

Atlantis Resources strikes a deal to acquire two projects

Atlantis Resources has struck a deal to acquire two projects from Scottish Power Renewables UK for its tidal development company. The deal for Tidal Power Scotland (TPSL) is estimated to be around £6.6million, or 3,859,703 shares, which equates to around 6% of the issued share capital. Atlantis said as part of the transaction, TPSL will acquire Scottish Power Renewables entire tidal portfolio, comprising the 10MW Sound of Islay site and the 100MW Ness of Dunscaby site.

Renewables/Energy Transition

Atlantis Resources wins approval of €17million for MeyGen

Atlantis Resources said €17million of funding has been transferred from the Kyle Rhea project to the world’s largest planned tidal stream energy project MeyGen. The transaction was approved by the European Commission’s Climate Change Committee for MeyGen Phase 1B. The move is planned to help accelerate the development of the project with this second phase targeted to reach financial close and commence construction during 2016.