national decommissioning centre


Seeing the solution – next generation simulation

For several years, the aerospace, automotive and other engineering sectors have used concurrent engineering – a mixture of design, analysis, modelling and simulation working together - to provide a product or solution in the most efficient manner.  There is now the opportunity to apply similar techniques within the energy sector.


Smart Basin: A key tool in energy transition

Data is key to good decision making in all sectors of industry and society and the Technology Leadership Board Digital Technology Theme highlights the truly disruptive potential of digital technologies. As we move towards a net zero economy, only through exploiting cross sectoral data can we achieve the potential of digital technologies, thereby aiding a smooth and sustainable energy transition. Combining data from the oil and gas and the renewables sectors with the nascent hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS) industries will provide a platform for the best decision making.  At the National Decommissioning Centre (NDC) we are initiating several projects which will help deliver this.


Working in partnership to transform decommissioning

Last week I was proud to represent the University at the opening of the National Decommissioning Centre, a long-term £38m partnership between the University and the Oil & Gas Technology Centre.