Oil & Gas

First gas from Diever West field


Parkmead has begun gas production at the Diever West gas field in the Netherlands. The company said the field, discovered in 2014, has been tied into existing production facilities through a new dedicated pipeline with gas extraction via the Garjip treatment system.

Other News

Riled Dutch locals to argue Europe’s largest gas field is unsafe


A Dutch court is set to hear arguments that production from Europe’s largest natural gas field should be suspended because earthquakes linked to extraction threaten safety. The Netherlands has progressively cut the amount of gas won from the Groningen field in the north amid protests over the tremors, with the Economy Ministry in June slashing this year’s output cap by 29 percent. The Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State will hear 41 appeals from local political parties, environmental organizations and individuals against an earlier production decision on Thursday, and possibly Friday, before making a final ruling in October or November.