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Offshore Europe

Offshore Europe 2015: We will only thrive as an industry with the best minds on our side


Despite the challenges that the industry is currently facing in relation to the current commodity price, we have continued to see a steady stream of visitors to what remains the largest oil and gas event in Europe. I’ve always been impressed by what there is to see at Offshore Europe, showing in so many ways the breadth and depths, quite literally, that our industry goes to in order to innovate, push new boundaries and find new solutions. I am pleased that this year’s conference and exhibition has upheld that tradition.

Offshore Europe

Offshore Europe: Prof Brian Cox says recruitment is about “information as well as inspiration”


Professor Brian Cox told a packed audience at Offshore Europe's opening plenary session the key to inspiring the next generation was as much about "information as well as inspiration". The physicist spoke to an audience with standing room only about the challenges all industries face in encouraging young people to enter them. The Professor of particle physics said although there was less of a challenge than previously, future industry leaders would need to see a path to success in order to inspire them into the sector.


#OG2050: Young professionals on how to engage with the next generation


Energy Voice sat down with three young SPE Aberdeen (Society of Petroleum Engineers) graduates and interns working within the oil and gas industry. The interviewees, Marie Backstrom, Gabriella Thomas and Adam Zalewski, spoke ahead of Energy Voice's groundbreaking event on Wednesday, September 2 at the Tivoli in Aberdeen. They answered a range of questions about how to inspire the next generation of industry leaders.


#OG2050 Video: Opportunities abound within the oil and gas industry


The chief executive of Aberdeen’s leading science centre said more young people need to be shown the opportunities they could have from working in the oil and gas industry. Liz Hodge, who runs Satrosphere, made the comments as she gave her backing to Energy Voice’s Offshore Europe event on September 2. The panel discussion at the Tivoli includes Sir Ian Wood, Derek Leith, office managing partner at EY Aberdeen and the firm’s UK head of oil and gas taxation and Offshore Europe co-chairman Michael Engell-Jensen.


#OG2050: Take part in research for chance to win Breitling SuperOcean 42 watch


Energy Voice wants you to take part in the last leg of our research aimed at building the industry’s next generation of innovators and have the chance to win a Breitling Superocean 42, courtesy of Finnies the Jewellers. The latest survey has now gone live, just weeks ahead of our Offshore Europe event where the findings will be revealed. To mark the final part of the research, we’ve teamed up with Finnies the Jewellers to offer this fantastic prize to one lucky participant.


Opinion: Can the industry say hand on heart the next generation are being inspired?


Twelve months ago, the Wood Commission report ‘Education Working for All’ set out in front of parliament, the need for closer links to be forged between educational establishments and businesses to ensure a future for the country’s young people and ultimately strengthen the economy. Led by Sir Ian Wood, among the issues the document identified was the significant change required by schools, colleges and employers to challenge the cultural misconception that vocational training is less important than a purely academic route. The Commission prescribed the need for long term partnerships to be established between secondary schools and employers within three years. And by 2020, it recommends that the quality of both work experience programmes and career guidance should be increased significantly and made available to every pupil.