Nigg Bay Expansion

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Question mark “hangs over” Aberdeen harbour expansion plans

Aberdeen Harbour Board (AHB) has discarded a study which raised environmental concerns about its £415million plans to expand into Nigg Bay. Green groups said yesterday there was a “question mark” hanging over the site after a report revealed higher than expected levels of metal contamination within the area to be dredged for the expansion. But the results of that study were discounted after second study came back clean.

Oil & Gas

Aberdeen harbour profits up by a fifth despite oil and gas downturn

The head of Aberdeen harbour said yesterday the decision to overlook the Nigg Bay expansion project for City Region Deal funding did not “make his day”, but was “not a complete surprise”. Aberdeen Harbour Board (AHB) had hoped to benefit from the £250million city deal, but will have to fund the project with its own profits and third party backing following the snub. Projected costs for Nigg Bay have shot up to £415million from £320million and AHB has previously said it will need to borrow up to £200million.