oil prices


The long and winding road to recovery

In a recent article I described the mechanisms which drive the market structures of backwardation and contango, which explained how and why the market got into negative territory, with a steep contango forward curve.  But having got there, how does that same understanding of market behaviour help us form a view of where we go from here?


We need to work together to take on crisis

Do we play as a team or individuals? How should we take on the challenge of the unpredictable turbulence of today’s business environment? Our industry faces a triple whammy of pressures from operational disruption due to Covid-19, massive reductions in demand for our product and a globally oversupplied market.


Weathering the storm

How can energy supply chain companies weather the perfect storm of the oil and gas price crash, Covid-19 lockdown and social distancing, pressure to fully decarbonise and, of course, Brexit?