ONS 2016


ONS 2016 Opinion: Norway’s lessons for the UKCS

As the oil and gas community descends on Stavanger for this year’s Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) conference, those coming from UK could be forgiven for feeling a stab of jealousy at the comparative health of the industry in Norway. In 2014, Norway generated more than double the revenue the UK did during the same period. Indeed, official government statistics show that the UK has generated $470 billion in revenues whilst Norway has generated $1,197 billion since 1971 in real terms.


Opinion: The transition starts at ONS 2016

The ONS Conference is a world-leading oil, gas and energy fora, and gives delegates a sneak peek into the future of the energy world. At ONS 2016 we will lay the foundation for a successful transition to the new market situation - through debates, discussions, and with insight of our prominent speakers.


ONS 2016: New business opportunities arise at ONS

A lot have happened in the energy business the past two years, and the industry finds itself in a time of transition – which is the main theme of ONS 2016. This year’s ONS will focus on how the industry can grow and evolve from here, by exploiting business opportunities that arise in the transition to the new market situation.