Oil & Gas

Industry standards could be easy passport for US workers


The oil and gas industry has a reputation for being one of the most safety focused sectors in the world. Millions of pounds have been invested over the years to improve work practices, technologies, designs and regulation in the drive to mitigate risk, reduce accidents and prevent injury.

North Sea

Robyn knows the drill


A Tyneside teenager followed in her father’s footsteps yesterday by starting her journey from offshore cub to future offshore tiger.


Safety first for Hudson co-pilot


Like those who operate in the energy sector, flying passenger planes is a profession in which safety is of the highest priority, writes Jeff Skiles.


Safety gongs up for grabs


Champions of safety training and skills development within the oil and gas sector will be recognised at this year’s Opito Global Awards during the organisation’s annual conference in Kuala Lumpur.


Skills for safer future, 30 years since Piper Alpha


It’s almost 30 years since the Piper Alpha disaster shocked the world; the devastating events on July 6, 1988 will never be forgotten. In the wake of the incident, the oil and gas industry collectively vowed to do everything it could to protect the safety of its people and prevent a cataclysm like this from ever happening in the future.