peak oil


Big Oil: Time for a spin-off?

With Covid-19 continuing to impact the profitability of the supermajors, Ano Kuhanathan, sector advisor at trade credit insurer, Euler Hermes, argues that now is the time for the supermajors/Big Oil to start spinning off their renewables divisions.


Peak oil and the opportunity for low carbon prospects

This week, BP projected that global demand for oil may have peaked in 2019 and that we shouldn’t ever expect demand to recover to pre-COVID-19 levels. On the face of it, BP’s analysis is stark, with global demand for oil reducing in all three of its scenarios over the next thirty years.


Opinion: From peak oil to peak oil demand in just nine years

Peak demand for oil is the big new thing. True, the International Energy Agency, in the annual World Energy Outlook it released earlier this month, didn't envision a peak coming before 2040 barring a big acceleration in anti-climate-change efforts. But at least it's talking about the possibility, and forecasting a slowdown in demand growth in the meantime.