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Step up for a new era in workforce engagement


More than 350 onshore and offshore safety representatives from across the UK gathered at Aberdeen’s P&J Live for the recent Safety Rep 30 Conference, which was organised by Step Change in Safety, the UK’s member-led oil and gas safety body, to recognise the 30th anniversary of the SI971 regulations brought in following the Piper Alpha tragedy.


Addressing the offshore industry skills gap through legal education


Currently, more than a third of global oil and gas production comes from offshore fields. The exploration, development, construction, production, logistics, maintenance and decommissioning operations of these fields are carried out with maritime units, including offshore vessels, installations (fixed, floating and subsea) and pipelines. For many countries, the offshore industry is contributing significantly to the national and global economy.

Piper Alpha

Piper Alpha: How many regulators does the North Sea really need?


A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune of meeting Steve Rae, one of the 61 survivors of Piper Alpha and, in our conversations, something emerged about an aspect of the UK continental shelf that I’m becoming increasingly concerned about – the threat of overbearing regulation and the problems that it will create sooner or later. Or indeed has done already.