Using drones to mitigate pollution losses

The development of drone technology is beginning to touch on a wide range of industries, sectors and aspects of life.  Significant media attention has been dedicated both to beneficial uses of drones, such as unmanned aerial vehicle ("UAV") military reconnaissance missions, as well as the disruption which the misuse of drones can cause, such as the closure of Gatwick airport.

Health, Safety & Environment

BP refinery in Indiana inspected after breaching waste discharge limit – reports

BP’s refinery in Indiana is thought to have been inspected after the facility discharged five times more industrial waste into Lake Michigan than allowed earlier this week. A BP spokesman was quoted as saying “an upset” at the refinery’s wastewater treatment facility had caused the infringement and said the firm was working to correct the problem. The company reportedly said no hydrocarbons had leaked into the lake, adding that the excess in wastewater discharges would not affect drinking water or marine life.

Other News

India’s top court issues truck restrictions to tackle New Delhi pollution

India’s leading court has ordered a temporary ban on the sale of large diesel vehicles in and around New Delhi and slapped a stiff levy on trucks entering the capital as it struggles with record pollution. The Supreme Court also banned the entry into New Delhi of trucks over 10 years old and trucks travelling through the city.