Promoted: Rotech Subsea – leading the world in excavation

For over 20 years, Rotech Subsea has been at the forefront of research and development in excavation – offering industry-leading technology and expertise. Rotech Subsea began developing their first Mass Flow Excavation tool – the FlowDredger – in 1994, with the aim of creating a stable tool that could excavate large amounts of soft seabed quickly using a very large jet of seawater at a relatively low pressure. The FlowDredger employed two counter-rotating impellers, operating in series, and a seawater-driven hydraulic motor. This first generation tool was capable of producing up to 8000 litres per second at a pressure of 11kPa, giving a powerful 85kW jet. Four years later, the company built the first T-shaped excavator. This time oil hydraulics replaced the seawater drive, which greatly improved efficiency and longevity. The patented T-shaped design of the ‘T8000’ – as this model was dubbed - also offered improved access to the internal components for offshore maintenance. It had the same performance as the original excavator and at lower flow rates the power of the jet could be increased to 130kW. For the next decade and a half, these excavators were the best Mass Flow Excavation tools on the market for large scale projects.

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Promoted: New white paper highlights complexity and future of offshore travel

A White Paper, “Marine & Offshore Travel: All hands on deck” commissioned by Amadeus, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry, concludes that travel in this sector is one of the most complex and mission critical. Not surprising when these travellers, estimated to be some 7.7 million, are responsible for moving 90% of the goods and resources that are consumed around the world.


Demobus takes centre-stage at HIS open days

North firm Highland Industrial Supplies (HIS) is gearing up for a major event next week, when it throws open its doors to show off some of the best welding and cutting equipment on the market.