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UKOOG backs shale gas report

Onshore oil and gas body UKOOG (United Kingdom Onshore Oil and Gas) has welcomed a report from a task force on Shale Gas which has assessed the impact on local environment. It comes after Lord Chris Smith admitted his report on the local and health impacts of the industry revealed it still faces an "uphill struggle" for public acceptability. A number of recommendations have been made around practices used by companies in the UK including seismic modelling, full chemical disclosure and the use of green completions at production.

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UK fracking report: Still a long way to go for public acceptability

Fracking faces an “uphill struggle” for public acceptability, Lord Chris Smith has admitted as his shale gas task force published a report on the local environment and health impacts of the industry. The task force said shale gas extraction could be safe for the local environment and people’s health in the UK if provisions were in place and regulated to prevent larger earthquakes, water contamination, gas wells leaking and methane pollution. The second interim report by the task force called for full disclosure to the public of the chemicals used in the process, to reassure people it is safe, and independent monitoring and regulation to make sure wells do not leak to prevent water contamination.

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Dutch government in tighter calls for gas production

The Dutch government has said it will call for risk analysis from gas companies when setting production levels. It also said it would involve local authorities further in the natural gas process. The measures have come into effect immediately and are in response to a critical report by the country’s Safety Board early this year.

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Report claims it’s ‘crunch time’ for the industry

Operators could make up to £15billion in savings with more effective and cohesive project decisions, according to a new report. Human resource specialists PwC said reducing over runs, streamlining the supply chain and improving collaboration could allow lower costs. The latest report in the company’s Northern Lights series said operators have the power to effect change in both attitudes and approaches. Falling oil prices and higher costs means that it is “crunch time” for the industry.

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Europe’s oil capital faces two key areas of improvement

Local councils can get blamed for a lot of things, sometimes with good reason, but also unfairly from time to time. Clearly, the price of oil and the operational decisions of major energy firms fall well outwith the remit of elected representatives at the town house. However, there are two key areas in which the industry has made it clear that Europe’s oil capital needs improvement.


Opinion: Skilled workforce is vital

The oil and gas sector is vital to Scotland and it is important we have the skilled workforce required to strengthen our overall ambition as a major centre for energy activity. The oil and gas UK study highlights the need for the UK Government to continue to put in place measures to sustain long-term investment in the UKCS and for industry to work with our colleges and universities to ensure they are delivering the skilled workforce they need and deliver the best value out of the public investment that we provide for the training of the current and future workforce. But unfortunately the Autumn Statement last week failed to provide the oil and gas industry with the tax measures it both requires and deserves.

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Oil and gas sector ‘could lose 35,000 jobs’ in next five years

The oil and gas industry could lose an estimated 35,000 jobs within the next five years, a new report has found. The study, 'Fuelling the next generation: A study of the UK upstream oil and gas workforce' was commissioned by industry body Oil and Gas UK, industry skills and safety body Opito and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills. It said jobs could fall from 375,000 to 340,000 by 2019. It also estimates 12,000 new workers will be needed for the UK sector.

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Report calls for government to end offshore wind farm investment

The coalition’s industrial strategy is little more than “economic tinkering“ that will fail to tackle the trade deficit, according to a report. Vince Cable’s plans lack ambition and will not tackle the structural problems in Britain’s economy, think tank Civitas claimed. It accused the Business Secretary of setting objectives that are too easy to achieve and failing to address the problems that need to be solved to make Britain’s recovery export-led.


Video: Industry confidence at a six-year low

A report by Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce has found confidence within the oil and gas industry is at its lowest in six years. Uisdean Vass, an oil and gas partner with UK law firm Bond Dickinson, outlines two fiscal packages the government could potentially outline for the Autumn Statement.