Rystad Energy


ExxonMobil eyes foothold in Vietnam LNG market


ExxonMobil is exploring opportunities to invest in LNG-to-power projects in Vietnam as the country faces chronic electricity shortages and Hanoi welcomes US companies to fix a trade imbalance.


Report: US hydraulic fracturing demand expected to bounce back


Demand for hydraulic fracturing services in shale plays across the United States is expected to reach rock bottom in May and stay low in the summer before a recovery begins in the fall, the Norwegian global energy research firm Rystad Energy reported.


European gas demand under pressure


The impact of coronavirus has not been felt as strongly by the gas industry as oil, Rystad Energy’s CEO Jarand Rystad has said, although increasing LNG production seems set to keep prices under pressure this year.

Oil & Gas

Vessel capacity warning


Growth of the offshore energy market looks set to be hampered by a looming shortage of competent construction vessel capacity.


Big fish in Angola’s small pond


Angolan production has continued to decline, falling to 1.284 million barrels per day in November, making the government’s efforts to overhaul its energy sector and attract new investment ever more important.