Health, Safety & Environment

Is safety at sea being endangered by inadequate consideration of the human component?

With increased maritime activity and the globalisation of demand, through ever-shorter supply chains focused on the Asian hub, there is a heightened potential for incidents at sea. This increase in shipping activity highlights a pressing need to improve safety and efficiency onboard ships through a focus on non‐technical skills. Our rationale is to optimise Human Factors training to prevent the next costly incident and help save lives.


Helicopter safety should leave no stone unturned

With North Sea helicopter safety in the spotlight, there will doubtless be many offshore workers once again spooked by having to commute to their places of work using a mode of transport that they would not ordinarily choose.


Safety first for Hudson co-pilot

Like those who operate in the energy sector, flying passenger planes is a profession in which safety is of the highest priority, writes Jeff Skiles.