Opinion: Decommissioning is a key focus of the SNP


Ensuring Scottish companies are given support from government to win contracts to decommission major oil and gas assets is an industry priority of the SNP, and a key focus of ours when we address what the sector needs now and in the near future.

North Sea

SNP: When the industry needed the broad shoulders of the UK, they shrugged


The other day on the doorstep, I got into a conversation with a man who was facing redundancy in the oil and gas sector, we discussed the work being done by the Energy Jobs Taskforce, set up by the Scottish Government, and he said he was pleased to see support coming to the North East via the extended investment in the City Region Deal, and support for individuals to retrain.

Oil & Gas

David Cameron: Low oil price has led to “collapse” of SNP policy


The low oil price has led to a “complete and utter collapse” of the SNP’s policy, the Prime Minister has claimed. David Cameron told MPs in the Commons that a low oil price “basically is good for the British economy” but they needed to look at helping the oil and gas industry.