Tendeka: Leading through uncertainty

Over the last six months, the global pandemic brought very new challenges for both our home and work life along with whole new lexicon and unprecedented willingness to listen to our political leaders.

North Sea

OGTC appoints Tendeka vice president to board

The Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) has appointed Gillian King, vice-president for Europe, Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States and Africa at north-east oil and gas services firm Tendeka, to its board.


Is there a future in the UKCS?

I was born in 1976. It was a decade that was not only phenomenal but also transformational for the oil and gas industry.


A digital reality for oil and gas

Good data analysis can have a direct impact on operational efficiencies and the potential reduction in operating costs as well as improved production and hydrocarbon recovery.

North Sea

Tendeka: Growing our presence in the UKCS

With North Sea oil and gas production reaching its highest point in the last seven years, it is no surprise that the last year has been Tendeka’s strongest in the UK to date.


Stoking the fire of innovation in the oil and gas service sector

Like the temperature over the past three months, we have seen a dramatic plunge in the oil price index. So much so, it has left many asking if the oil and gas industry is suffering from a slight touch of winter flu, or, as others perceive, the start of a life-threatening illness.


What now? It’s all in the recovery factors

In last year’s end of year opinion piece for Energy Voice, I talked about the realignment of the oil and gas industry. I opined that the sector is not in a cycle as we know it, but rather, in a shift of mentality to one that is nimbler, more innovative in attitude with plenty of upside potential.

North Sea

Innovation must offer solutions says Tendeka CEO

Like me, you will no doubt be overwhelmed by what seems like a torrent of new, self-proposed technology developments hitting the oil and gas market. But how many really deliver the sought after solutions to age old problems?

Piper Alpha

Piper Alpha: 30 years on, we still learn

Thirty years on as we remember the Piper Alpha disaster and the 167 lives that were lost, it is a poignant time to recognise the positive safety changes in the years since and how these principles need to be passed from one generation to the next.