North Sea

Innovation must offer solutions says Tendeka CEO

Like me, you will no doubt be overwhelmed by what seems like a torrent of new, self-proposed technology developments hitting the oil and gas market. But how many really deliver the sought after solutions to age old problems?

Piper Alpha

Piper Alpha: 30 years on, we still learn

Thirty years on as we remember the Piper Alpha disaster and the 167 lives that were lost, it is a poignant time to recognise the positive safety changes in the years since and how these principles need to be passed from one generation to the next.


Wireless technology gets smart

Can you remember life without your smart phone? Do you remember the days when you had to get behind a desk, log in and dial up to access the wealth of information on the internet?

Oil & Gas

Women outnumbered men at Tendeka’s top table

For Annabel Green, it is events such as a 20-year reunion with former colleagues or seeing young people in the bars of Aberdeen whom she can remember being carried into the office by their proud new parents, that shows the reality of time passing.


Are we experiencing the UK North Sea’s re-awakening?

Is 2018 the year of the UK North Sea revival? With Brent crude surpassing the $71 a barrel threshold in January this year – the first time since 2014 – positivity is re-emerging. It seems almost daily I read of a new operator acquiring a field in the UK North Sea or an established player reinvesting, such as Shell giving the go-ahead to redevelop the Penguins field, the largest investment in the North Sea in six years.


Tendeka: Positive about oil and gas future

Everyone knows the oil and gas industry has gone through a few very tough years. The North Sea was particularly susceptible being so dependent on oil and gas, with almost 200,000 people losing their jobs since the downturn began in 2014. That’s 39% of those employed in the industry out of work.


Opinion: 2018 – a year for recovery, reinvention and reawakening

It is going to be better. 2017 is the year of the recovery. Demand will finally out strip supply, rig counts will come back. All things we heard this time last year and all things we are hearing now as we head to the end of this year. What happened? More importantly, what will happen?