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Climate deal prompts repeat call for 57% cut in UK greenhouse gases by 2030

Government advisers have repeated calls for a 57% cut in UK greenhouse gases by 2030 in the wake of a new global climate deal. The Committee on Climate Change said its advice on cutting emissions for the period 2028-2032 was the “minimum level of UK ambition necessary” in light of the Paris Agreement - the global deal to avoid dangerous climate change agreed late last year.


Opinion: There is still plenty to play for

As an industry we are going through a tough time – and all indications are pointing towards it staying that way. With the value of our product having plummeted to just over $30 a barrel and respected commentators suggesting it’s going to be lower for longer than we might hope, the fear is that it may get worse before it gets better as globally some $400 billion has been cut from E&P budgets.

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UK Government approves offshore wind project

An offshore wind project which could support up to 900 jobs and millions of pounds of investment has been given the go-ahead. The Dogger Bank Creyke Beck A and B wind project will include up to 400 wind turbines around 130 kilometre off the coast of the East Riding of Yorkshire. With a maximum capacity of 2400MW it will generate enough electricity to power almost two million homes once built.