Opinion: A technology strategy for our times

Technology innovation is going to play a critical role in the next chapter of oil and gas recovery from the UK continental shelf (UKCS) and in driving export growth in our UK-based supply chain.

North Sea

UKCS: Green shoots of summer success

Towards the end of August, three wells, comprising two exploration and one appraisal, were active, but with no new spuds since our last report.


OGUK 2016: Compromise key for North Sea future, industry expert says

Oil and gas majors must compromise to deliver an upturn in the sector’s fortunes, an industry analyst said yesterday. Stephen Halliday, group president of consultancy group Wood Mackenzie, said the energy industry was competitive by nature and that for serious progress to be made, the sector’s leadership had to get in a room together and collaborate. It comes days after PwC published a report saying the industry needed a “change in guard at the top” to disrupt its “we’ve always done it this way” mentality.