Offshore Europe

Offshore Europe 2015: Video – Offshore Europe provides “good bang for buck”

Offshore Europe provided “good bang for the buck” this year despite reports that attendance was down from the prior event when oil was booming in 2013. Howard Johnson, co-founder and managing director of Blaze Manufacturing Solutions, admitted that business for the Laurencekirk-based firm would be down by third this year when compared to last year. The firm, which specialises in oil and gas fire safety protection systems, was exhibiting on the Scottish Pavilion which is spearheaded by Scottish Enterprise.


Video: Topside sets sail for Cygnus gas field

A topside has set sail on a journey to the largest new gas field to be discovered in the southern North Sea for 25 years. The Cygnus accommodation module, which weighs 4,600 tonnes, has left the Burntisland Fabrication’s Methil yard towards its final destination off the Lincolnshire coast. Gas is expected to start flowing from the Cygnus field later this year. The field is expected to meet the needs of 1.5million homes and will be the UK’s second largest production site of natural gas.


Video: World’s fastest species of shark leaps on to vessel in the Gulf of Mexico

A commercial diver has captured the moment a Shortfin Mako Shark leapt up to 10ft in the air landing on board a vessel in the Gulf of Mexico. Nate Melnik, 33, went to investigate a noise he thought was coming from a jet pump when he spotted the 7ft Mako Shark had jumped over the side of the boat and onto the deck. He works on a four-point anchor boat which is capable of diving up to 300ft on mixed gas.


Video: Drone captures bird’s eye view of rig

A drone has been used to capture a bird's eye view of a platform in the Mediterranean Sea. The remotely operated vehicle moves from land to air and across bright blue waters to capture the platform for the sky above.


Video: Deep sea creatures captured by ROV cameras

We've looked through our archives following on from the success of yesterday's rare shark video and found some other deep sea creatures captured on film around the world. The video gallery includes a mesmirising video of a whale investigating the ROV 3,000 metres below the sea surface. The videos are available to watch below.


Video: Flights from the North Sea

This video shows the daily complexities of air traffic across the UK - with an overview of the daily flights which take place from the British mainland to the North Sea. The video, UK 24, was created by NATS and pays close attention to the flights paths from the UK mainland to offshore platforms.