WATCH: North Sea rescue craft fights big waves


Incredible footage a rescue craft returning to its mother ship in squally North Sea conditions has been posted online. The video shows one of the crew holding on tight to the rails at the bow of the craft as it rides the waves. The clip was uploaded to YouTube by Bigwavemaster1.

North Sea

Video: Ship bounces through stormy North Sea


Footage has emerged of a Scottish pelagic trawler bouncing through a stormy North Sea. The clip shows the extent of the waves that can build up during the winter months. Do you have good videos or photos of life in the North Sea? Send them to alan.shields@ajl.co.uk and we will share the best online.


Video: Offshore crew has rocky leap to work


This offshore crew had quite a challenge getting to work as huge waves battered the sea. The footage, captured by Frankie Nauta, shows workers on a boat trying to get on board. Watch as the staff eventually make the successful leap on board the deck.

Other News

Energy Body to award £7million in funding


Scotland’s new wave energy technology development body has opened a £7million innovation competition. Wave Energy Scotland (WES) is offering funding of up to £4million for a single project to develop power take-off systems. Businesses are invited to apply for funds to advance their power take-off system designs through testing and on to commercialisation.